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Król i mgła
The King and the Fog
BAJKA | 2012
Ewa Poklewska-Koziełło

The King and The Fog (...) is an original and interesting fairy tale, slightly exotic, yet very familiar, because it is constructed with the familiar elements (although they have never been used in this configuration). What is most striking is how humorous this book is. The fog makes everyone from the court behave unpredictably, and sometimes it provokes funny misunderstandings and humorous situations. (...) Letki brings the main character - the King - into a context he would not ordinarily get into. Moreover, she transforms the surroundings he knows into a sphere of mystery and uneasiness. Uneasiness, but not fear. The King and The Fog is a warm story. It is not meant to scare, so it can be read to the youngest readers at bed time. Maria Ewa Letki is clearly enjoying telling the readers the story about the King's adventures. The King and The Fog is most of all a fairy tale based on an idea that one should congratulate the author on.

"Król i mgła" received OZGRAF award, was nominated for the Kornel Makuszyński 2014 award and was included on the List of Treasures of Children's Books Museum

Age 6+

BAJKA | 2011
ilustracje: Beata Zdęba

"Czarusia is (...) a story in chapters. Its main character is witch Czarosława, who one day decides that it would be nice to be a little girl again. Is it difficult to do? One spell and it is done. Our Czarusia quickly befriends a girl called Natalie and from that moment on they meet and play every day. They ride their bikes, they chase a naughty magic ball, they babysit the tinies (Natalka takes care of her little brother, while Czarusia cares for the baby devil Rokitka and baby elfs), and children from their pre-school visit Czarusia in her magic hut...
Everything here would be quite ordinary, if not for some details. For example, Czarosława gets sad. And not just a little bit sad, but deeply sad, with an almost existenstional tone to it. Or Czarosława brings as a birthday gift some slightly damaged geese and a girl figurines, which she used to play with when she was a little girl, because she can't find anything better in any shop. Because...
Czarusia is a story about old age, which is the age that understands childhood best."

Czarusia was included on the List of Treasures of Children's Books Museum.

Age 5+


The Little Devil
BAJKA | 2010
ilustracje: Agnieszka Żelewska

I have seen him somewhere, I am sure. But he was sitting under his willow, he wasn't jumping, like on this cover. However, it was definitely him - when I started reading, I had no doubts. A fairy tale by Maria Ewa Letki, published several years ago for the first time, has just been released by Bajka - smart, colourful, carefully designed and produced. (...) Motives from classic tales, cheerful, warm pictures, and a subtle moral, make an interesting, pretty book, which will be appreciated not only by children. Ewa Świerżewska, 2010

"Diabełek" was listed by the Professional (adult) Jury in Dong 2010 Competition and was nominated to Little Dong by the Children's Jury. It was nominated to the Literary Award of Warsaw City 2011. In 2011 it was included on the List of Treasures of the Children's Books Museum and was published in Korean.

Age 5+

Zaczarowane historie
Magic stories
BAJKA | 2010

illustrated by Elżbieta Wasiuczyńska

At first everything seems to be in its place. There are faries, wizzards, speaking animals, a devil, a gost, etc., but the world portrayed in this book is unusual because it is similar to real life, where it is impossible to simply decide where good ends and evil ends - or the other way round. All these short stories, full of literary charm, have all features of a philosophical mini tale, not allowing to close your thinking within the stereotypes. Małgorzata Kąkiel, "Książka trudna do recenzji", Poradnik Bibliotekarza 9/2010.

"Magic stories" have won the title of the Book of the Year 2010, awarded by PS IBBY, and Best Book of the Year Pióro Fredry Prize, awarded during the 19th Wrocław Promotions of Good Books.

Age 6+

Tajemnicze sprawy
Mysterious Matters
BAJKA | 2009

illustrated by Ewa Poklewska-Koziełło

13 stories about ghosts and mysterious, unexplainable matters. The main character is Anthony, who tells stories that happened in his family, at school or to his friends.

Age 7+

Królewna w koronie
Princess in a Crown
EZOP | 2005
illustrated by Maria Ekier

Two short stories - "Princess in a Crown" and "The Monster" - of adventures from the lives of humans, animals, and fantasy creatures. The princess uses her kindness and optimism to battle the evil witch, while the Monster will learn he is a delicate creature and not a carnivorous monster.

Age 3-8

"Princess in a Crown" received an award in a Kornel Makuszyński competition and an award in the 4th edition of the "Świat Przyjazny Dziecku" competition.

The Little Devil
IKAR | 2004
illustrated by Agnieszka Żelewska

A story inspired by traditional Polish folk tales. Little Devil visits a couple who would very much like to have children. He tells them that if they love him strong enough, he will become an ordinary child. But when they start really liking him, he mysteriously disappears... The story has a subtle moral: generous love always triumphs over evil and treachery.

Age 3-8

The Gnome
IKAR | 2004 (2nd edition)
illustrated by Agnieszka Cieślikowska

A little sad boy is visited by a gnome, who takes him for a walk. They have numerous adventures together and they learn that grown ups are also very happy to meet a real gnome, as he stands for something they haven't thought about since they were children. The story shows that imagination is important, no matter your age.

Age 3-8

Niebieski plecak i inne opowiadania
A Blue Rucksack and Other Stories
Literatura | 2004
illustrated by Joanna Zagner-Kołat

A collection of short stories about "ordinary" events from every day life, such as going on holiday, meeting a newborn brother for the first time, buying a gift for a parent, and more.

Age 3-8

Mała przyjaciółka czarownicy
The Little Friend of the Witch
Podsiedlik, Raniowski i Spółka | 2003
illustrated by Zbigniew Dobosz

Three short stories about a little girl called Natalka and her friend, an old witch. The stories, apart from presenting the interesting and entertaining adventures of two friends, have a deeper meaning. They show a friendship between an old woman and a child, and the benefits it brings to each of them.

Age 3-8

Nie wiem skąd wiem
I Don't Know How I Know It
Literatura | 2002

Sisters Agnieszka and Marianka are spending their holidays with their aunt, in a secluded fisherman's hut. They meet a blind girl, and are determined to take care of her, but the girl is very independent and entirely self-sufficient, which the sisters find extremely annoying...

Age 8-12

Tajemnice Małgosi
Małgosia's Secrets
Literatura | 2002 (2nd edition)

In the attic of her house Małgosia finds a diary kept by two sisters many years earlier. The stories described in the diary, as well as the fact that no one knows what happened to the girls after the diary ends, have a big impact on Małgosia's imagination. She comes across an abandoned house where the sisters used to live, and feels that there is some special link between her and this place. One day a girl extremely similar to Małgosia moves into the town...

Age 10-14

Wakacje z Cynamonem
Holidays with Cinnamon
Prószyński i Spółka | 2000 (3rd edition)
illustrated by Jolanta Marcolla

A story about life in a peaceful, yet extraordinary place, close to nature, animals and kind people. Three siblings -
Ola, Dorota and Gabryś - are spending their holidays in a different way than usual. They stay with their grandfather and his cat Cinammon in a forester's hut. Thanks to new frendships, crazy plays and an unusual event this will be an absolutely unforgettable summer.

Age 8-12

Jutro znów pójdę w świat

Tomorrow I'll Set Off Again
The Letters

Literatura | 2000 (5th edition)
Illustrated by Aneta Krella-Moch

"Tomorrow I'll Set Off Again" is a story of a disabled boy, who overcomes his loneliness and shyness as a result of a friendship. "The Letters" tells a story of a girl who temporarily lives with her grandparents, but feels rejected and abandoned by her parents. She finds a penpal and presents herself as an abandoned and unhappy orphan...

Age 8-12

"Tomorrow I'll Set Off Again" was also published as an audio book by the French organisation INCA (2008).
Maria Ewa Letki has also published:
  • „Maluch Szczęściarz” (Podsiedlik, Raniowski i Spółka 1996)
  • Potwór” (Siedmioróg 1992)
  • Wyspa Urodzinowa” (GiG 1990)
  • „Klucz do leśniczówki” (MAW 1989)
  • „Od dziś za tydzień” (Nasza Księgarnia 1988, 1990)
  • „Dama Kier” (Nasza Księgarnia 1987, 1994, 1997, Literatura 1999)
  • „Łódź Wikingów” (Nasza Księgarnia 1982)
  • „Demain je repartirai” (Flammarion 1981, 1988, 1989, 1992)
  • „Supeł” (Nasza Księgarnia 1980)
  • „Spacer” (Nasza Księgarnia 1977, 1978, 1983)
  • „Dzieci, tropiciele i ten wielki bałagan” (KAW 1974)
  • numerous short stories for the children's press
  • short stories in the following collections: „Kolorowe dobranocki” (Podsiedlik, Raniowski i Spółka 1997), „Polscy autorzy dzieciom” (Podsiedlik, Raniowski i Spółka 1999, 2000), „Wiersze i opowiadania polskich autorów” (Podsiedlik, Raniowski i Spółka 1999), „Polscy autorzy: Dobranocki” (Podsiedlik, Raniowski i Spółka 2000, 2003), „Bajki o zwierzętach” (Publicat 2005), „Bajki na dobranoc” (Publicat 2005)
  • over 35 radio plays for the Polish Radio.