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Maria Ewa Letki writes fairy tales and realistic novels and short stories for younger and older children. Her books have received many literary awards, including Book of the Year 2010, awarded by Polish Section IBBY (for "Zaczarowane historie"); Best Book of the Year Pióro Fredry Award 2010 (for "Zaczarowane historie"); award of the Professional Jury of the Dong Competition 2010 and shortlisting for Small Dong 2010 by the Children's Jury (for "Diabełek"). "Diabełek" was also shortlisted for the Warsaw Literary Award 2011. "Diabełek" and "Czarusia" were included on the List of Treasures of the Children's Books Museum.

In December 2009 Maria Ewa Letki was awarded a medal for lifetime achievement by the Polish Section of IBBY.

Maria Ewa Letki about herself

I was born in Silesia and for me it still is the most beautiful place on Earth. But since one can always name more than one "most beautiful place on Earth", I also love the Mazury Lake District, Warsaw and Podlasie in eastern Poland. Characters from all my books live in these very places.

The most recent books:

Opowieści biblijne

Bible Stories


Various authors

illustrations: Anna Gensler

"This collection was prepared by eight outstanding Polish authors. Each of them looks at the Old and New Testament in their own, individual way. Each of them introduces one or several stories, depending on their individual sensitivity and intuition. As a result, this book is stylistically diverse (as the Bible itself), and full of fresh ideas." (from the Publisher)'s Website.

12 ważnych opowieści. Polscy autorzy o wartościach

12 Important Stories. Polish Authors on Values

(PAPILON: Centrum Edukacji Dziecięcej| 2014)

Various authors

illustrations: Elżbieta Kidacka

"Important words: love, sense of responsibility, honesty, happiness, self-restraint, beauty, justice, frienship, courage, kindness, respect, wisdom. Excellent authors (...) have written an original, not at all pompous, warm book for children about very important matters." (from the Publisher 's Website)